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January 15, 2008
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Alien Surgeon Profile by Ranna Alien Surgeon Profile by Ranna
This is an entry for Seventh Sanctum’s Class Generator Contest.

Lumamot is an Alien Surgeon from the Science Fiction genre. The description from the website was: “this studious guy has round gray eyes that are like two pools of mercury. His thick, curly, soot black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a tangled bush. He has a very short and graceful build. He has white skin and stubby fingers. He wears a dignified, flattering, 100% red color scheme.”

Lumamot belongs to the dexterous 6-legged Sorisul race. The red color of his wardrobe designates him as being an entry-level surgeon, sort of like an intern. When he graduates to the next level, he will be given a set of pale beige and green robes that signify a newly permitted opportunity to work with herbs and other plant-based medicines (to the Sorisuls, this is seen as being far more beneficial than straight out surgery, which they think of as a very base method of healing).

I like to imagine that Lumamot operates on all those species that aren’t quite up to trusting the human/human-like surgeons that only have two hands. He’s a little jittery, since he’s only three feet tall when walking on all six feet, and people tend to trip over him if they’re not paying attention.
For his information, I used the Class Generator, the General Person Generator, and…one of the many naming generators. I can’t remember which :P This was a lot of fun – I’ve never really experimented with non-human forms. I think he’s cute. Sort of like a big, six-legged, alien sheep. With a sweater. :hug:
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SalemtheCruel Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Great work! This is awesome!
StrandedAlien Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2010
Whoa. I love it. You should definitely experiment more with non-human forms! And I should try that generator sometime!
ChakatRiversand Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008   Photographer
he's cute. he shoulda been in the runner up at least...
MossyRock Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008
Aww, adorable ^-^ I checked out the pictures from Seventh Sanctum and yours is my favorite! :heart:
Skeletina Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008   Traditional Artist
I love Seventh Sanctum! :heart: This is so awesome! What a creative creature! :ninjastar:
Ranna Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2008
It's fun, isn't it? You should do the next contest, when he has it. You've got the most creative critters even without using the generators :D
Skeletina Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008   Traditional Artist
I didn't even know it was a contest!!!!!!!!!!!!! :excited: That sounds excellent! I should visit that website more often............:ninjaplot:
CabbyHat Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2008
He's very cute. I love the insight into his character. :D
Ranna Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2008
Thank you :)
Keflavik Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
That's great. Love the excerpt.
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